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Learning is at the heart of the Smile School. It is the right of all children to be educated, but not all education is the same.  The Smile School believes that education, whilst preparing children for the future, should be fun, engaging and challenging.  The Smile School will ensure that your primary aged child will learn and progress in order to achieve their potential.  Learn more about our school and our summer school.

Track Record

Think. Smile. Learn

As the school enters its third year, it is good to reflect on our achievements. Remember all this while providing good academic learning.

  • The school has build and moved into its own premises.

  • We maintain a creative and experiential curriculum.

  • The 9 characteristics guide our learning.

  • We have clear and accepted definition of learning.

  • Staff development and keeping up with latest developments is important.

  • Well being for both students and staff is actively considered.

  • Last, but not least, our children are our priority




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Creative Cretures

Our summer programme is geared up to support your children in learning creativity, improve  thinking and have fun.

The week will include: art, music, story telling sports science and much more.

Call or Whatsapp 0242545046

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